SIM only deals: comparing the cheapest service providers


It is somewhat of an open secret that a big portion of one’s monthly mobile bill can be attributed to the cost of their handsets. Operators might offer a free phone, but what that essentially means is that the cost of the phone is spread out within the contract over a period of time. However, even for sim only deals, one will have to navigate the crowded field of service providers to find the most appropriate for their use and lifestyle. Here is a detailed comparison of both the major and virtual service providers in the UK market.

Three offers perhaps the best sim only deal, perhaps the cheapest when it comes to unlimited data contracts in the UK. For only £17, one gets unlimited data, as well as many texts as one can send, and up to 200 minutes of voice calls. If one needs more, they can get the three unlimited everything contract for an additional £3 every month. Three offers 4G connectivity at no extra cost, so all SIM deals are compatible with the network’s fast 4G network. On the lower scale, the cheapest deal on Three is a 12 month contract which offers 200 minutes, unlimited text and a 500 MB data limit for £8 per month.

It is hard to beat GiffGaff on a price platform, with their cheapest deals coming in at £5 per month. Even though this does not give too much leeway, for those who simply want to keep their phone going with the occasional internet use capability outside the home Wi-Fi, GiffGaff is the strongest offering on the market. The £5 GiffGaff contract offers 100 minutes of voice calls, 300 texts and a data limit of 100MB.

TalkTalk Mobile is a telecoms company which offers home phone, broadband, and television packages. The best deals therefore mean one might have to sign up for more than one service. However, the cheapest deal offered by TalkTalk mobile is the £ 7.90 deal, which offers 250 minutes, 250 texts and a data limit of 450MB every month.

For users who do not wish to stray too much away from the mainstream, O2 offers network reliability and good coverage. O2 offerings are however a mixed combination of expensive and reliably cheap. The cheapest sim deals go for around about £ 8.50 per month. However, their prices might increase as one adds minutes and data to their bundles. The cheapest £ 8.50 per month deal offers users a 12 month contract with 100 minutes, unlimited text, and a 100MB data limit.

Another one of the traditional mobile phone networks is Vodafone. Just like O2, its strongest suit is not on cheap sim only contracts but on the sale of mobile phone contracts. Their sim only deals are ideal for those who do not use a lot of data or minutes. For £7.30 per month, one gets a 12 month contract with unlimited minutes and text, and a data limit of 1GB every month. It is important to note, though that some of these deals are monthly rolling contracts.