Discovering the benefits of PAYG contracts


Phone contracts might be the most popular, but PAYG deals can also be useful, should one choose to go that way. Users who do not spend as much on their phones would perhaps consider switching to the pay as you go deal. PAYG deals offer great value, given the fact that there are no minimum monthly charges. With the PAYG deal, there are no surprises or nasty bills. All one uses is the pre-paid credit, so all bills are paid up front. PAYG contracts do not tie the user down for as long as monthly contracts, so one has the luxury of walking out at any time. Furthermore, they require no credit checks and can be accessed by individuals under 18, unlike monthly contracts.

Before rushing for a PAYG contract, though, it is prudent to decide if it is the best option. Technically, there is no single better mobile phone contract option, only the most suitable given the usage habits of the customer. Those who use less than £10 on mobile top ups every month could consider the PAYG package.

On the PAYG contract, one needs a PAYG phone. After topping up their credit, one can make calls, send texts and surf the internet. When the credit topped up runs out, one simply tops up again. PAYG accounts often offer several ways to top up one’s account. One can top up online, over the phone and sometimes even via text. There is also the option of top up vouchers, which are available in supermarkets, or top up through cash machines.

On top of the choice of contract, one will also likely have to choose the service provider to use after deciding on the PAYG contract. One can either choose from the four major providers, O2, 3, EE and Vodafone, or choose from one of the many service providers which piggy back on the major service providers. Options include Virgin Mobile, Asda Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Giff Gaff and Talkmobile. These virtual operators offer extremely cheap mobile contracts.

Even the PAYG package still has variations when it comes to choosing the best deal. It is more than simply buying credit, topping up and being able to send texts and make calls. It will likely involve choosing the best tariff, often dependent on one’s usage patterns. Heavier users will likely be better off buying bundles which gives more for the money. However, one will likely have to use their bundles within a month or they expire.

The downside with the typical PAYG deal is the fact that one has to pay upfront for their mobile phones. Users looking for the latest smartphones, for instance, will likely have to pay dearly. For example, the iPhone 6 will cost upwards of £720 on a typical PAYG deal. However, all factors considered, for light users especially, one will enjoy the PAYG deal immensely. Getting cut off while on a call is very frustrating. It is important to remember, though, that if one does not use their PAYG number regularly, then it could be deactivated.