Choosing the Most Appropriate Mobile Phone Package


That mobile phones are a necessity in today’s world can probably now be safely termed as the biggest understatement. Thousands of companies and firms offer mobile phone deals, and it can be difficult getting to choose the right one. There are three options to choose from when it comes to mobile phone contracts, PAYG, sim only and contract phone deals. The first step, perhaps then should be to choose the best package first. The Pay as you go, or PAYG deal, is suitable for light mobile phone users who spend less than ten pounds every month.

The monthly contract, on the other hand, is useful for those looking to buy pricey, top of the range mobile phones. Heavy users with phones already can opt for the sim only deal. The choice will, however, not only depend on how heavily one uses their phone for calls, texts and internet browsing, but also on how often they want an upgrade to new, probably higher range handsets.

PAYG contracts

With the pay as you go tariff, there is no requirement for a fixed monthly fee, and one does not have to sign up for any direct debit agreements. PAYG requires the user to top up their mobile credit in advance. After using up all the credit, one cannot make any outgoing calls until they top up again. This option is ideal for light phone users, those who spend between £10 and £15 every month.

Monthly contracts

This is the traditional mobile contract that requires the user to pay fixed direct debit monthly fee. After paying these fees, one gets a free or a subsidized mobile phone as well as a fixed number. The fixed number and phone will be inclusive of calls, data and texts. However, this type of deal will often require the user to commit to a contract lasting between 12 and 24 months. This is the most appropriate deal for those looking to buy smartphones without necessarily having to cough up the whole amount upfront, or those who run large monthly phone bills regularly.

Sim-Only deals

Just as the name suggests, with a sim only deal, one gets a free sim card but not a free mobile phone. The deal, however, still allows the user the allowance of calls, data and texts. The monthly costs will however likely be lower than they would have been with a regular monthly pay mobile contract. Another huge advantage of sim-only deals is that they often only tie down the user for up to 30 days at a time.

When choosing a mobile phone contract, most deals will likely come with the possibility of mobile phone insurance. These insurance deals are not necessarily cheap, and one might find that their home insurance deals cover their phones. However, if one decides they need phone insurance, they must not be rushed by the selling networks to sign up on that very day. Just like any other insurance deal, take time to read the fine print before signing up. If possible, take time to shop around for a suitable deal.