Advantages of monthly contracts


When looking for the combination between an up to date mobile phone and great deals on calls, text and data, look no further than contract mobile phones. This option allows the user to get the attest of the major phone manufacturer handsets, the Samsung galaxy, iPhone, HTC or Sony, for a much lower price than one would pay if they bought it upfront. In fact, in many cases, there is no upfront fee required. However, any good deal will obviously be offered by many service providers, with multiple variations and different options. With this guide, though, the choice of the most appropriate contract phone deal will only get easier. Here are some factors to look at when choosing a monthly contract

Like any other deal, it is important to understand exactly what one is getting themselves into before they sign. Having a contract phone means getting into a contract lasting 12, 18 or 24 months, with the customer provided with a mobile phone and a monthly data, text call allowance. When choosing a mobile phone contract, the customer will likely have to choose the package that contains the number of minutes, texts and data that they think suits them, and pay a fixed price for their choice of package every month. If one makes the right choice, they do not have to worry about topping up their mobile phone or running out of credit. For many deals, though, even if one uses all their texts, minutes and data, they will still be able to make calls and browse, and will be charged for them at the end of every month.

A mobile phone contract has several advantages. For many people, the biggest one is the fact that the contract comes with a free handset. Almost every contract has them, and there often is a wide range of options to choose from. However, for those looking for the very latest, one might have to pay a small one off contract fee.

The deals on usage are also incredibly cheaper than other phone contract options. Even though one still gets charged if they exceed their limit, the deal will most likely be cheaper than the average pay as you go deal.

After one signs up for a monthly phone contract, many networks will likely offer free gifts with the package. The gifts range from hands-free headsets and accessory packs to PlayStations and Xbox gaming consoles. However, some of these gifts are becoming less common, and are being replaced by vouchers and cash back. Carriers might also offer reward schemes and value adding benefits, like two for one cinema tickets of free music streaming.

The downside of the monthly contract is that the total paid out over the length of the contract will be more than one would have paid if they had bought the phone outright or signed up for a sim only contract. However, given the features and price range of the newest mobile phones in the market, it is likely one might not be able to pay £700 upfront.